Origin of our chocolate

Visiting the home of precious beans

Anyone looking to make the best chocolate first has to look for the best cocoa. And this can be found by travelling to the cocoa farm where it is produced. Läderach meet farmers and their families on a regular basis. They live in Trinidad, Ecuador, Brazil, Madagascar, Grenada, Ghana and they share our passion:
Making some of the world’s best chocolate.

Greetings from Jude Leesam

Jude Leesam showes his pride and joy: trinitario cocoa trees, which grow here in the protective shade offered by banana trees and cedars. For some time now, the residents of Trinidad have been going back to their great traditions and enthusiastically cultivating cocoa in an entirely unique way: cocoa from the Montserrat hills is fruity, earthy and intense, with notes of vanilla, blackcurrant and black tea.

We produce from bean to chocolate

How we create best Swiss chocolate?

Since we know our farmers and are responsible for the whole production from bean to chocolate we can take care of each single step and ensure best quality on our ingredients.

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