Our Values

“We live our values every day: mutual respect, diversity, inclusiveness and transparency.”


Mutual Respect

When we respectfully discuss different opinions and views with each other, we give ourselves the opportunity to enrich the conversation, understand new perspectives, and grow as an organiziaion, as a  business, and as human beings.

Our goal is learn from each other’s experiences, regardless of whether it’s feedback from store associates in Switzerland or from the many countries around the world where we now have Läderach operations.


 «I feel the respectful interaction in this company every day. This is the ability to speak and be heard, even if one’s opinion is new or different from the status quo.»

Christina Wu
Marketing Americas


Läderach is a lively, innovative company that thrives precisely because of the diversity of the people who strive on a daily basis to make it a successful business.

We cherish our associates from diverse races, nationalities, ages, religions, and sexual orientations. More than half of our management team is female, and we work to promote equal opportunities in the workplace for all associates.

«The CFO Award is a great honor and a distinct confirmation of the path my husband and I chose nearly twenty years ago. Back then we decided to exchange our roles 100%. He is a stay-at home Dad and househusband. I am a 100% working mother. I view this role reversal as a strong key component for my professional success.»

Monika Vasconcelles
Director Finance and "CFO of the Year 2020"


At Läderach, we have a culture of listening and taking feedback from all levels – regardless of ethnic or cultural origin, religion, or sexual orientation. We are not only open to providing opportunities for our employees to grow and progress within the company, we appreciate the perspective that our diverse employees, customers, and partners provide. What ultimately unites us all is the love of the finest chocolate and our shared values.



Transparency is core to how we communicate as a business, how we source, produce, and market our products. By communicating openly about our actions and acknowledging our vulnerabilities, we can learn from each other, grow, and ensure the highest, freshest quality product. Honesty and good communication are what drive our high performing teams.